Our People

Our People

Our people are a workforce that mirrors North America today. At Inteplast Group you'll find professionals who are appreciated for their bold drive, diversity, and talent.


The amount of countries from which our people hail


Leadership positions headed by women


Percentage of our workforce with more than 25 years at Inteplast

What's it like to work at Inteplast?

Binh Duong

Lab Tech

The company's social impact is the ongoing improvement of plastic products for customers through innovation technology, such as advanced automation, computerization, and robotics.

Cindy Ng

Management Analyst

Inteplast’s culture of continuous improvement provides opportunities for employees to share their ideas through the improvement initiatives program.

Dominic Orlando


Inteplast likes to move its culture in a direction that makes things better for everybody; not just the company’s brand, but for everybody who works there.

Harminder Sandhu

Customer Service Representative

Most of my colleagues, including myself, all come from diverse cultures, religions, and races. Inteplast makes us all feel right at home.

Janine Paley

Senior Marketing Manager

At Inteplast, I have always felt empowered to both ask questions as well as express opinions.

Jennifer Stoll

Customer Service Manager

The leadership team is collaborative and effectively communicates working toward our goals. I am proud to say that I’m part of an honest, reliable, and caring company.

Matthew Buckhannon

Business Development Manager

As our market continues to mature, it is unique to work for such a large company that is open and inclusive in letting others know our targets, goals, and principles.

Ryan Brown

Pack Inspector

I have built great friendships with my fellow packers and supervisor while working at Inteplast. These are some of the best people I know.

Serene Lee

Mgmt. Analysis Manager

I have worked at Inteplast since receiving my MBA 20 years ago. Inteplast has grown tremendously and I am privileged to have built my career and to have met many great people.

Thomas Resignalo

Machine Operator

Inteplast encourages employees to make suggestions through the Improvement Initiative Program and rewards them for their ideas in safety and production.

Timothy Shore

Conversion Supervisor

I started working here when I was 23 and eventually became a supervisor. Other than my wife and children, Inteplast has had a great impact on my life for the last 25 years.

Vinod Ghumwala

Product Development Manager

It feels good to have colleagues with the same goals and vision for the company's best interest. We win together, we celebrate together.

The Values That Define Us

Inteplast Group has forged pathways to innovation and leadership. We have done this by adhering to tenets that fortify our workforce and the manufacturing industry in which we flourish. Our manufacturing practices as well as our values allow our company to thrive.


Through both economies of scale and scope, our operations ensure the affordability of our products and our ability to be a one-stop supplier.


We believe in practicing integrity at all levels and hold ourselves to the highest ethical standards.


We are an engineering group that standardizes every step of our manufacturing process and automation, where possible, to optimize quality and efficiency.


We are an organization that employs factual precision and informed decision-making through a relentless drive at data integration. Our spirit of transparency and mutual respect yields solutions and delivers results.

Continuous Improvement

We set goals so we can measure performance and strive for growth through positive reinforcement.



Work with Us

Inteplast is an employer that encourages leadership at every level. We foster your growth through positive reinforcement and a total rewards package that allows you security, personally and professionally.

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