World-Pak InteCel®: The Only Limitation Is Your Imagination

World-Pak InteCel® is an innovative cellular PVC foam board with a hard, smooth surface manufactured through Inteplast's unique celuka process. Because InteCel® is waterproof, lightweight, and does not splinter, it is an excellent alternative to wood. InteCel® board is used in signage, arts, crafts, and for interior and exterior building materials.

The same Inteplast celuka process produces InteCel® PW, a variation of PVC foamed board with added density and stability. InteCel® PW is manufactured by World-Pak utilizing a combination of expanded polyvinyl chloride (EPVC) and wood flour. The addition of wood flour in the formulation offers greater stability to the PVC sheet and a denser composition which provides greater "pull-out" strength when using fasteners. It also creates a tan, wood-like color. InteCel® PW is designed to replace wood in housing construction and other wood applications.

InteCel® and InteCel® PW are available in thicknesses ranging from 10mm to 31mm (3/8" to 1-7/32"). Custom sizes are available upon request.

Both InteCel® and InteCel® PW can be cut, machined, nailed, glued, and screwed just like wood. The panels can be finished with a quality primer or paint. They are fire resistant (UL-94 V0, 5V), and exhibit superior machining qualities when compared to wood.

InteFoam®: Used for marine, cabinetry, and any substrates to replace wood. InteFoam® can be easily painted, routed, heat bent and laminated. InteFoam® features a consistently smooth and abrasion resistant surface for easy paint and ink adhesion, it is excellent substrate for printing use. InteFoam® has been tested and complies with UL94 V0, UL94 5V and UL48. It contains no lead or heavy metals. The expanded InteFoamŪ board comes in 4?x8? sheet and is available in gauges from 10mm up to 25mm thickness. It is ideal material for construction and exhibit industries.

Examples of InteCel<sup>®</sup> PVC foam board
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