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The Inteplast Group is proud to offer a wide range of quality products designed with a strong commitment to excellence and integrity. With our headquarters located in Livingston, New Jersey, we are an American company affiliated with a multi-billion dollar global organization! We offer our customers a synergistic and diverse product line inclusive of industrial, janitorial, retail, food service and healthcare solutions! Inteplast's divisions work together effectively to cover the full range of customers' needs and ensure complete customer satisfaction. At Inteplast, every customer benefits from the company's commitment to quality, people, and resources.

Inteplast's state-of-the art manufacturing facilities are committed to maintaining the most innovative technology available. Our superior engineering capabilities include the use of advanced automation, computerization, and robotics. The use of the latest technology in Inteplast's large scale operation provides customers with products of the highest quality at the best value. Our manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001:2015 Certified. We are global in scale, maintaining manufacturing facilities in the United States, Canada, and Asia.

Our Integrated Bagging Systems - Healthcare product mix offers both traditional items and newer requested technologies! This portfolio is consumer driven and created via listening carefully to various expressed needs while visiting provider locations, attending industry trade shows, and gaining insight from our valued distributors. Inteplast is committed to innovative medical packaging, environmentally friendly concepts, and the protection of the healthcare worker!

All of our medical and laboratory products have been designed with consideration of user safety, package content security, and ease of use! Please know that these bags meet the necessary OSHA and CLSI regulatory standards.

Finally, please note: ANY Inteplast product can be custom printed to assist your company with process improvements or to serve as "functional advertising." Our company is a global leader in the flexible packaging business and can easily utilize these strengths to help your organization.

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