Inteplast BOPP Films

BOPP stands for Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene, a thin film made by melting polypropylene resin, then extruding it through a flat die and casting it onto a chill roll. The film sheet is then stretched in both the machine direction and the transverse direction. Orienting in both directions gives Inteplast BOPP Films several desirable properties, including improved water vapor barrier, stiffness, dimensional stability, low haze, and higher yield. The film is then treated in-line, for ease of printing, metallizing, or laminating to other substrates. Typical gauges range from 0.5 mil to 3.2 mil.

Our BOPP films are primarily used for food packaging, labels, tape, and stationery. Uncoated or unprinted polypropylene film does not contain any environmentally hazardous substances. All Inteplast BOPP Films (excluding label films PW and YCL) are currently FDA approved for food contact and also meet all CONEG regulations for heavy metals.

AmTopp Stretch Film

AmTopp stretch film is linear low-density film used for wrapping pallets to ensure the safe transport and storage of products. Inteplast manufactures both machine and hand film.

High performance hand film is specifically designed to wrap irregularly-shaped palletized products. This machine film is excellent for use in roping, bundling and spiral applications.

High performance machine film, such as LoadStar and X-Treme, is engineered for all general purpose uses and is well suited for stretch bundling applications. AmTopp stretch film offers one-side and differential cling film for high speed equipment, and applications that require the film to stretch over 250%.

AmTopp manufactures stretch film in a wide variety of gauges, widths, and lengths.

AmTopp Plastic Concentrates and Compounds

At our state-of-the-art concentrates facility, Inteplast produces additive and color concentrates, pre-color compounds, filled polymers, and custom-designed combination concentrate packages. We use both twin-screw extruders and continuous mixers. This equipment gives us the versatility to manufacture custom and commodity products to meet a broad range of customer needs.

Applications include sheet and profile extrusions, cast processes, blown film, blow molding, and injection molding for the thermoplastics market. AmTopp serves markets such as appliances, housewares, household electronics, building and construction, wire and cable, film, packaging materials, automotive parts, toys and sports.

AmTopp color concentrates and compounds are supplied in 2,100 pound plastic lined boxes. All products are made from FDA recognized materials and are not known to contain any hazardous components as outlined by the current OSHA requirements. We also do not use any heavy metal based pigments.