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AmTopp stretch hand film AmTopp cast hand film offers a clear, glossy appearance, superior stiffness and consistent differential cling. Our hand film exhibits excellent tensile strength and stretch, combined with exceptional puncture and tear resistance.

AmTopp stretch hand film is excellent for use in roping, bundling, and spiral applications. It's designed to handle regular loads, as well as B and C type loads. AmTopp stretch hand film also offers enormous down gauge opportunities, which can substantially reduce costs.




AmTopp LoadStar Thin Gauge Hand Film | HL Series


This technologically-advanced, cast hand film is designed with a premium resin blend and manufactured on state-of-the-art equipment. AmTopp LoadStar hand film offers superior strength and provides maximum load holding force with minimal film usage.

Inteplast's LoadStar hand film exhibits unparalleled strength in lighter gauges, and its exceptional puncture resistance is equal to higher gauged films.

Superior cling
Outstanding puncture resistance
Exceptional tear resistance
High Load Containment Value
Great optical clarity for electronic scanning

Reduced Noise

Click here for LoadStar Hand Film Brochure (PDF)


AmTopp Stiff Hand Film | HS Series

AmTopp Stiff Hand Film | HS Series

AmTopp Micron Stiff Hand Film combines reduced neck down performance while maintaining excellent puncture resistance and yield.

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Click here for HS Hand Film Brochure (PDF)

AmTopp Performance Hand Film | HC Series

AmTopp Performance Hand Film | HC Series

AmTopp Performance Hand Film is a superior linear low-density polyethylene stretch film. This high-performance cast hand film is designed to secure irregular and hard-to-wrap loads.

With two-sided cling, AmTopp Performance Hand Film uses a standard three-inch I.D. core and is available in 12", 15", and 18" widths. Our 70, 75, 80, and 90 gauge film comes in 1,500 foot rolls, and our 60 gauge film comes in 2,000 foot rolls.

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AmTopp UVI Hand Film | HU Series

AmTopp UVI Hand Film is designed to inhibit the degradation caused by ultraviolet rays on product loads. AmTopp UVI Hand Film can be used for mulch, brick and other industry products that are stored outdoors.

We also offer color film. Please contact us for inventory availability.

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LoadStar Prestretched Hand Film | PS Series

Highly engineered premium PRESTRETCHED hand film uniquely formulated with superior puncture properties to grasp and hold corners on C loads. Unrivaled load-holding force, cling, clarity and unchallenged neck-down for maximum load surface coverage. It Reduces film weight/load by as much as 40% versus traditional hand films for lower cost/load and ultimate cost savings. Ergonomically designed light-weight rolls are mechanically prestretched for operator safety and increased productivity by reducing operator fatigue, stress and labor intensity.

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